Two lions enjoying a Buffalo kill.

Photos from a Kruger photo safari.

Photos and  memories from our afternoon game drive in the Kruger National Park.

I noticed a lot of vultures circling in the sky a clear sign that something has been killed and decided to have a closer look. As we approach the sighting we were surrounded by Hooded, White-backed and Lappet-faced Vultures another sign that something was killed and then we were hit by the smell. Before driving closer I gave the area a good look with my binoculars and yes I spotted one lion lying under a tree. As we approached slowly we saw the dead buffalo and the another male lion not to far from it. They must of took down this buffalo cow in the early morning hours as they still haven’t ate on it.

They were just lying and resting as lions are opportunists and would kill if they are presented with an opportunity even if they are not hungry. The one male then made his way over and started to eat from the back as they always do. As it was just the two of them I new they would probably be there for a few days so we decided to leave and come back the next day to see there progress. The following afternoon we came back and still not much change. We waited for darkness and took some photos with the spotlight and decided to comeback the following day. On day 3 we got pleasantly held up by two leopards which took priority and as the day gone on I decided to leave the lions for that afternoon.

On our return to the lions we were pleasantly surprised by seeing the clean carcasses, but they were still eating away on parts of it. From only a few meters away we could hear bones cracking and could feel their intensity every moment they looked at us especially when you stair through a 300mm lens. They presented us with some amazing photo opportunities as they were sometimes side by side and other times face to face while growling at each other. All and all yet another fantastic day in the African bush and if you’re interested in going on a African safari then then concider joining me weather you’re a photographer or not you’ll leave with amazing photos you took yourself and unforgettable African memories.