Safari or Photo Safari…

Safari safari safari. Yes it’s on everyones bucket list.

Here’s some facts to consider weather you’re thinking about a  African safari or photographic safari?

I’ve got some questions and answers and I hope this article would help you in planning your safari adventure.


1. How will you be traveling?

2. What type of a safari experience do you want? Will you be taking photos, if so how important is it that you get good photo opportunities? Should you go on a normal safari or a photo safari?

3.  You will be on a budget even if you don’t think so. Your needs will guide you towards a specific operator. Is 5* a must for you or do you want to experience camping in the bush. Do you want to relax by the pool or experience as much as possible and get amazing wildlife photographic opportunities?

4. Which country or countries do you want to visit and do you want to visit other cities on your trip?

5. There are many factors around time to consider.

6. What subject do you want to photograph?

7. Will you be traveling alone or in a group?

8.  What’s your skills level of photography?

My Answers.

1. Traveling: If you live in SA then you’ll have a car to drive yourself to your safari destination, but if you live abroad it will start with a flight. Will you be renting a car to explore the country by yourself and drive to your safari destination or will you be visiting a national park and do the hole trip your self know as a self drive. Yes you can get good photos on a self drive, but you will most probably be surrounded by several other cars and don’t be surprised if  you get parked in and someone starts hooting. Or will you be flying to your safari destination and picked up by your operator. My photographic safaris are designed to pick you up at the airport so you don’t have the extra  expense and my Kruger National Park photo safari takes place on a private reserve where there is no tar roads and no private vehicles and a maximum of 3 vehicle at a sighting.

2. Type of safari: If it’s a self drive then you’ll have a lot of planning to do, enjoy. If you want to rent a vehicle but not do the driving yourself. Yes that’s a option as well. I’m a qualified guide with professional drivers license and trained in first aid and would be happy to drive you, and guide for you. Just contact me and lets start planning your African adventures together. Now the main difference between a normal safari and a photo safari is on a normal safari it’s in the operators best financial interest to have a full vehicle. That means 10 people sitting quite close together. People with different interests who generally can’t sit still and want to get to the next sighting as quickly as possible to see as much as they can in a short period. Most guides don’t have a clue about light. Yes a good photographic guide will always consider where’s the best position to stop the vehicle. As I’m a photographer myself and in charge of the vehicle I’m always considering that and as many photographers have long lenses they don’t want to be driven as close to the animal straight away. On a photo safari with me we could be from just one person private safari catered to only your needs up to 6 photographers and not just people depending on the type of booking you’ve made. My photo safaris are designed with maximum photographic opportunities as possible. Yes there’s good light, but in my opinion no such thing as bad light. Join me on a photographic safari if you want to take wildlife photos and improve your photographic skills level. Your needs are my needs.

3.  The Budget: Yes 5* in the bush is great, but in my opinion if you want 5* why stop there go to Dubai and experience 7*. You can have a 5* experience at a 1* lodge and the opposite but you’ll be paying it all depends on there service. I have a criteria for all my African Memory Photo Safaris and that’s a comfortable bed, a hot shower good meals plenty of game viewing photo opportunities at a affordable price, but my photo safaris is also completely customisable according to you or your groups needs. Photographic safaris is not just for the rich. Weather you want to stay in a 5* lodge or go camping I’ll accommodate your needs and budget.

4. Which countries: Do you want to visit just South Africa or would you like to travel to other countries like Namibia, Botswana and/or Zimbabwe to. Will you be going on safari only or do you want to visit Cape Town as well and maybe the Garden Route as well. There’s a lot to see and experience in all the African countries. I’m here to accommodate your needs. For now I’m only offering photographic safaris in South Africa but more destinations are on there way, but once again I’m flexible and all my trips can be customised and new ones can be created to accommodate your needs and budget.

5. Time and budget goes hand in hand. Do you have just 3 days for a photo safari or do you have 14 days and want to experience as much wildlife as possible in different environments. Then yes I will design a safari/photo safari for your needs and budget.

6. What subject do you want to photograph? Do you want to photograph just birds or just big cats or would you like to photograph the big 5 and why not add Cheetah and Wild dog and make it the big 7 and any bird flying buy. For now my photo safari are designed to photograph the big 7 and every thing els, but will be making more specialised photo safaris in the near future, but if you and/or your group just want zebra, big cats or birds then that’s what we will focus on.

7. Your group size: That’s one of the things that’s nice with a small company like mine. I’m in charge and I’m flexible to accommodate your needs. Weather you want a private photo safari, or you’re a group African Memory Photo Safaris will accommodate you, but the most we will ever be on a vehicle is 6. This keeps our groups more intimate and I’ve got more time to tutor you one-on-one.

8. Your skills level: Are you a beginner equipment with your smart phone or have you just bought your first camera I hope you’ve bought a D-SLR or are you a professional. It doesn’t matter yore all more than welcome to join me as we are all photographers with the same aim to photograph wildlife. The pro’s I’ll try to get to the action in best possible position and for the beginners I’ll do that to but with the added one-on-one tutoring.

Photographic safaris is all about photographing the big 7, other mammals, birds, the odd reptile and maybe a few spiders in different environments.

Yes there are many operators to choose between, but what ever your needs are AMPS aim is to surpass your expectations so that you’ll be wanting to come back with your friends.

I hope you’re dreaming about a African photo safari by now, but let’s not just dream about it. Contact me and lets start planning you Africa adventure of a life time.