Elephant photos of the week.

Photographing Elephants on Personalised Photographic Safaris

The good rains has transformed the Kruger National Park.

When I visited the Kruger National Park in November 2017 there was nothing there. I mean no grass or leaves on the trees. I was shocked and wasn’t sure how I could spend time there on a photographic safaris, but soon the rains came and the 3 year drought was broken. The Kruger National Park have received some good widespread rainfalls over the last few months and the grass became so long it became very difficult to spot the big 5, although we always succeed.

Now the raining season is over and the season is starting to change. The grass is not so green anymore and seem to be getting shorter. It’s a little bite colder in the morning as winter is approaching. It’s getting light later so now we go on game drives from 5:30 – 9 am.

Everyone has a favourite animal they like to photograph for many it’s leopard for me it’s elephants. They have just so much personality. It could be one solitry bull a big tusker or two bull’s fighting. They can go for a swim, spray first water over them which often get followed up with a dust bath. They do this to protect the skin from the sun and from ticks and other parasites. It could be a breeding herd full of little ones that are full of energy. There’s simply never a dull moment when photographing elephants.

On a photographic safari with me you’ll learn everything from depth-of-field, fast or slow shutter and composition. For editing our photos you will learn how to use Adobe Lightroom in a quick lesson as I like to keep it simple before we post our photos to our preferred social media pages to share with the world.

Here’s some of my elephant photos from the last week of March and as you can see the elephants are happy. If you’re thinking about a Kruger National Park safari/photo safari especially if you’re not a photographer and were thinking to come with just your iPhone then you’re at the right place. If you like my photos I’ve got some good news as my aim is to get everyone to take photos like these while on safari with me.

Single bookings, groups and photo clubs all welcome to join me on African wildlife photographic safaris.

I’m looking forward hearing from you.

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