Photo of the Day

Choosing photo of the day can be hard and although I love the baby Blue Wildebeest having fun, the B&W Blue Wildebeest silhouette, the Giraffe through long grass, Elephants making dust cooling down under a tree today my favorite is the Black Backed Jackal sitting after a bite of rain on the plains where the new grass are coming up after a burn that was coursed by lightning. I love the colors the contrast and the how the Jackal was sitting with one ear focusing on me and the other on the thunder in the distance. Now I’m looking forward to my early morning waterhole visit and who will show up.. As I’m now back and based in SA I’m more active as a photographer again. I’m currently spending time in Limpopo area near BelaBela researching the area taking photo’s and are doing some bush training. Learning more about animal behavior that will improve both my photography and my photo safaris. Yesterday I was out at 5:30 on a walking safari by myself and my day started with the 2 Zebras as the sun came over the horizon then  2 Waterbuck having it out, a Blue Wildebeest and more, but I never thought I’d get the one I’ve been waiting for today. Yes I’m spending more and more time in the bush and have been very lucky with the sightings and photos I’ve gotten in a relatively short period, but this is wild life and you can’t pose your subjects. Today I went out only in the afternoon after the rain and my first sighting was of a Blue Wildebeest actually busy sent marking a tree with his orbital gland followed by a Monitor Lizard and then the one I’ve been waiting for. The King, so majestic posing just for me. One of my lion portraits I’ve been waiting to get and its of a White Lion.