Photo Safaris at Madikwe

Exploring wildlife at Madikwe

I’m very happy with my Kruger photographic safari destination and offer so now it’s time to start exploring to find my next photographic safari destination. 

Leopard on morning patrol.

Malaria free Madikwe is one of the largest national parks in South Africa and a very special park as it hosts an incredible diversity of species. Madikwe is currently 75 000 hectares where animals can roam free and it’s s home to 66 mammal species which includes not just the big 5, but the big 7 elephant, lion, rhino, leopard, buffalo, cheetah and wild dogs. It’s also home to more than 300 resident and migrant bird species. Spotted Hyena, Brown Hyena, and Aardwolf are also quite frequently spotted. For this reason Madikwe Game Reserve will be my next photographic safari destination for anyone that wants to photograph those species in the wild. 

Zebras a favorite of many as they offer so many great photographic opportunities and make great black and whites

Besides from all the wildlife on offer here at Madikwe the one thing that makes Madikwe so special is that there’s no self drive allowed. Which means all game drives are done by professional guides from the different lodges, which means a lot less vehicles driving around and you’ll never be more than 3 vehicles in a sighting at any time. Madikwe is not as big as the Kruger but there’s no tar roads at Madikwe and you’ll just feel like you’re in the bush. 

Perfect reflections make for nice compositions.

Madikwe is located in the north western part of South Africa right on the border with Botswana and just km40 from Gaborone. Madikwe is pretty much in the middle between the Kruger National Park and the amazing Okovango delta in Botswana passing through the Chobe. From the Chobe one always has the choice to travel to Zimbabwe to the Victoria Falls and from the Okovango delta one can always continue through the Caprivi to either Angola or to Etosha Namibia.

Always try to photograph from a position as close as possible to the ground as this wil change your perspective and result in better photos. 

African Memory Photo Safaris will always be looking for the next unique photographic destination that meets my needs and criteria to offer you the best wildlife photographic safari experience. My aim is not to grow into the biggest photographic safari tour operato. Instead AMPS will remain a small, but personal photo safari tour operator company with the aim of offering photographic safaris all year round at different locations throughout Africa. 

Cheetah in favorite position. Often make good B&W’s.

My aim is to focus on beginners to help them learn photography and the teqniqes to improve their wildlife photography. As we drive through the bush looking for the big 5 and taking photos I’ll constantly be reminding you of what your setting should be on to make sure you take the kind of photos you want to take. Although photographers of all levels are more than welcome to join me. 

If you’re interested in a photographic safari here at Madikwe or would like to add the Kruger to your photographic safari please contact me as all photographic safaris can be completely customized to suit your needs and budget weather you’re alone or a group.