Cheetah hunting Zebra

Location Madikwe – South Africa

Cheetah hunting.

After our morning game drive while we were enjoying our African breakfast we could hear lions roaring not to far from the lodge so we desided that we will go look for them in the afternoon, but like always you can’t plan a game drive and what you’ll see on one. Every game drive in the African bush is a complete new adventure. No day or drive is ever the same and today was no different. So we at Africa Memory don’t plan but make the most of what the bush have to offer us and enjoy every moment in the bush. This afternoon was like every other day. We drove around looking for lions but instead we found 2 cheetah’s relaxing next to the road as cats often do, but the next moment some Zebras walked close by and as they spotted a foal things became very interesting. Immediately there posture changed from relaxed to interested, to storking mode and before we knew it the hunt was on. As Cheetahs can reach a top speed of km120/h we also had to drive to keep up.As the 1 cheetah was about to make the kill the mother zebra made the perfect interception coming in between her foal and the cheetah.She was basically running over him and kept on kicking as she run off with her foal by her side. Yes we all want to see a hunt, but we’re all happy that the baby zebra survived another day as we all got good photo opportunities and it was just an amazing experience to witness.Then the two Cheetahs simply collapsed in the road as they do after a chase, but they were still focused on a meal, but now on some Impala in the distance while Zebras were still alarm calling in the background.

So the lions will have to wait for another day…