Leopard in my viewfinder.

Leopard is one of the Big 5 that everyone wants to see and photograph on a African safari.

Finding one in the Kruger National Park can be hard though considering that there’s only about 1000 leopards in the Kruger National Park and the park is bigger than Wales or Israel. Then once you see one you still have to hope it presents you with a photo opportunity. That’s why I offer photo safaris on a private reserve using qualified expert field guides to first help with finding the big 5 and then we can off-road. Yes driving off-road is great, but this also allows us to get in the best position for great composition and in the best light. We all want that classic photo of a leopard lying in an tree, but we have to be ready to take a great photo wherever the leopard present itself. We always have to think creatively and the leopard doesn’t always have to look at the camera to get a great photo. As we are now going towards winter the tall grass is soon a thing of the past, but as you can see by my latest favorite leopard photo it’s possible to get amazing photos in tall grass. You just have to think creatively and you should also often think in B&W. I don’t do a lot of editing anymore, but I think of the final image and the potential editing I could do to it before I take it. Don’t worry it will come with experience 🙂 Day or night. Yes day time photos in golden light is beautiful, but a night photo using a spot light is even nicer. For this a camera with good ISO would help and if you could combine it with a pro lense f2.8 or f4 then you can get some good photos. The latest cameras are no doubt fantastic, but if you have good glass then you don’t need the latest camera as all my photos are taken with my 12 year old Nikon D2x and yes I’m still using it with my favorite Sigma 120-300 2.8 Sport lens.
If you’re thinking about a African safari weather you’re a photographer or not weather you’re coming with just your smartphone or the latest camera you want to leave with amazing photos of the big 5 and memories from the bush. Then contact me as that’s what I want to experience everyday and I’m looking forward on sharing my Kruger National Park with you. For more photos visit my social media and see what I experience on a daily basis.